Lunch Menu
Breakfast Menu
The Raw Bar
Oysters & Clams
1/2 Dozen Steamed $7.95
Dozen Steamed $11.95
1/2 lb... $ Market Price
1 lb. ... $ Market Price
Appetizers & Soups
Stuffed Mushrooms
     (4) Mushrooms caps baked with crabmeat stuffing.
Oysters Rockefeller
     Fresh oysters baked with spinach, bacon and cheese. (6)...$9.95 (12)...$14.95
Shrimp Cocktail
     Delicate and delicious, served with tangy cocktail sauce.
Fresh Calamari
     Served with your choice of sauce.
Lynnhaven Chowder
     Cup...$3.95 Bowl...$6.95
She Crab Soup
     House specialty & the local's favorite Cup...$3.95 Bowl...$6.95
Side Salad
     Fresh green salad with your choice of salad dressing.
Cheese Bread
Baked Potato
Steamed Broccoli
Cole Slaw
     Bubba's Own Recipe.
French Fries
Fresh Salads
Bubba's Ceasar Salad or Fresh Organic Garden Salad
     Please choose one of the following:
     With Grilled or Blackened Chicken, add
     With Grilled or Blackened Tuna, add
     With Chilled Shrimp, add
     with Fresh Catch of the Day, add
     With Fried Calamari, add
     With Fried Oysters, add
     With Broiled or Fried Crabcake, add
Burgers & Sandwiches
Bubba Burger
     The Classic Burger with Cheese, Bacon and Crabmeat.
Bubba Chicken Sandwich
     A Classic Teriyaki Sandwich with Cheese, Bacon and Crabmeat.
Crab Cake Sandwich
     (Absolutely The Best)
Soft Shell Crab Sandwich
     (When Available)
Market Price
All sandwiches served with a roll with lettuce, tomato and onion.
Choose french fries or cole slaw.
Substitue a baked potato for an additional $1.95¢
Substitue a side salad for an additional $1.95
Substitue a steamed broccoli for an additional $1.95
Bubba's Specialties & Seafood Specialties
Fresh Catch
     Yellowfin Tuna - Mahi Mahi - Flounder - Sword Fish - Tautog - Red Snapper - Atlantic Salmon - Speckled Trout - Cobia - Rock Fish - Sheephead - If blackened add $1.00 - If stuffed add $4.75
Market Price
Crabcake Dinner
     Made with the very best local crabmeat available.
Soft Shell Crab Dinner
     (When Available)
Market Price
Blue Water Scallops
     Select scallops from adjacent waters baked with chopped onions and bell pepper.
Southern Bay Dinner
     Lightly fried shrimp, served with our house cocktail sauce.
Lobster Tail
     Cold water lobster tail 7-8 oz.
Market Price
Eastern Shore Dinner
     Select oysters, battered and lightly fried.
Inshore Dinner
     Grilled, teriyaki or blackened chicken breast
Broiled Seafood Platter
     A stuffed mushroom, a clams casino, sea scalops, a piece of fresh fish and crab imperial topped with shrimp.
Our Dinners are served with a dinner roll and the choice of two of the following:
baked potato, french fries or cole slaw.
Substitute steamed broccoli or a side salad for an additional $1.95 each.
Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs
Steamed Crabs
     Males (Jimmies) 1 Dozen
In Season Only
Snow Crab Legs